All-in-one Commercial Cleaners in North Shore Auckland

Ever since 2005 Little Mermaid Cleaning Services has been well known for deep and thorough cleaning, we provide as commercial cleaners in North Shore Auckland. We provide you with the best commercial cleaning service where you get the benefit of your bond back or selling your house quicker with the help of our house-setting service.

About the Team at Little Mermaid Cleaning Services

Our team has been operating under Susanne since 2005 when the company first started, and they have received proper training on commercial cleaning, house setting, garden clean-up and exterior house washing and window cleaning as part of commercial cleaning in North Shore.

  • North Shore Renovation clean. You don’t have to wait to sell your home or do a one-off spring cleaning before you make use of our commercial cleaning service. After renovating is done and the builders have left the site but also their tracks, we come in to do the cleaning so you can enjoy your new space in no time.
  • North Shore construction clean. Once building debris has been removed and you are ready to decorate or to furnish your site, you first need to give it a good clean. We ensure that the site will be free of dust, and we clean the walls, window frames, light fittings, wipe down all surfaces, and remove small debris as part of our construction site cleaning.
  • North Shore house setting. An added service we offer under Little Mermaid House Setting is decorating and setting up a house for sale, to make it look presentable to prospective buyers without you having to worry about it. A move is already stressful enough, so let us handle this and get your house sold quicker so you can let go of the past one and enjoy your new home to the fullest.

Key Questions to Ask About Little Mermaid’s Added Services

Cleaning is not the most loved job to do, combine that with the stress of moving house, and then the constant lingering of the old house you still have to sell. We bring you the added benefit of home staging to help ease the stress but make a significant impact on your potential buyers:

  • What does home staging entail? We provide a free consultation and discuss different setting and décor options with you that will attract the right buyers to your house and give you the best chance of a quick sale.
  • Is it for the entire house? Because of occupational rent and such, you might be left with half a house you still have to live in that might look untidy, while you have empty rooms for the rest – not the best picture to present to buyers.
  • What about the exterior? As with our spring cleaning service, we can also include an external house washing, garden trimming and cleaning and window cleaning. This option is the ultimate cherry on top to selling your home, as this is the first impression that potential buyers will see.

Why Little Mermaid’s Services is Cost-Effective

Our cleaning includes a spectrum of services that covers your entire house; thus, we give you a package with numerous advantages that you would have to pay for separately otherwise. If you are interested in getting a free quote or learning more about our services, contact us today.