Your North Shore Spring Cleaning Service​

If a clean home is a priority for you, you might have a regular cleaning service that takes care of your home, but lack the benefit of a North Shore spring cleaning service. Our focus is on one-off jobs such as spring cleaning, move-in cleaning, and house setting. Regular cleaning is not a deep clean, and your house will look and feel like new after we have dealt with it.

Why Little Mermaid Cleaning Services is Cost-Effective

Our business filled the need for a one-off cleaning service in 2005 and has been going since. Susanne and her team take good care of clients, and we ensure you will be happy with our service through a bond-back guarantee.

  • Little Mermaid comes from the fairy tale portrayed in the Disney movie, and as clean as a mermaid is from spending her time in the water, that is as clean as your house will be after a deep-clean service.
  • The main focus of the business was merely doing spring cleaning services and house exit or entry cleaning. Part of the property business involves selling homes, and it is a vital step in between moving out and in. We formed Little Mermaid Home Staging to fill this gap in the cleaning market and make houses look their best for prospective buyers.
  • The testimonies speak for themselves, and it is clear why customers trust us to give them a “new” home. Further, our employer’s liability insurance against furniture damage guarantees that we will be careful with your belongings and provide a professional service.

Additional Services We Provide at Little Mermaid

Besides a one-off spring clean, we are involved in other home cleaning services as well and offer added benefits when you want to buy or sell a house. Other benefits of using our service:

  • Construction clean up. Whether you are renovating your current home or you are having your home built from scratch, it will need a good clean eventually, before occupation or re-occupation. We clean up building dust and clutter in the house; we do not provide major debris removing service, only cleaning.
  • Exterior cleaning. The first impression of a house will be formed from the outside. We regard the exterior of your home as important as the inside, and further offer house washing and window cleaning service, so the outside looks as good as the inside.
  • Gardening service. Part of our external cleaning packing can include small landscaping and garden trimming and cleaning service. This option eliminates the need to get a garden company in for minor clean-up of your garden and compliments the newly washed house perfectly.

The Importance of a One-Off Spring Clean

Our cleaning service is not just a willy-nilly clean of the house to get the job done. We offer a bond-back guarantee as proof that we take cleaning seriously and will leave no corner undusted and take our time to deliver on what we promised. If your house can do with a one-off spring cleaning or you are selling or buying a home, contact us today to get a free quote.